Comprehensive Business, Farm, & Property Liquidation Services

Alamo Area Estate Liquidations welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best liquidation service in the industry. Under the expert guidance of our owners in San Antonio, Texas, you'll experience a level of dedication, passion, and personal touch that only a family operated business can offer. In addition to traditional property, we specialize in business rural farm, and ranch farm liquidation as well.

Free Initial Consultation

Have us come to your location and review the property in question. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Thorough & Honest Proposal

With our findings, we'll provide an honest and thorough proposal based on the condition and market value of the property. Your expectations are a very important part of the proposal.

Extensive Liquidation Services

What makes Alamo Area Estate Liquidations truly unique is the level of commitment, dedication, and attention to detail when it comes to our selection of liquidation services. You won't find another company as focused on extensive research, organization/setup, advertising, and achieving the maximum profit upon completion of sale.

Advertising Methods

Utilizing proven means of advertising ensures the highest potential of exposure and success while liquidating your property. Advertisement mediums we utilize include:

• Our Website
• Our Extensive Email List of
  Previous Customers
• Craigslist
• Local Newspapers

In addition, we will post professional signage at street intersections on each day of the sale. We will remove them at the end of each day.

Liquidation Schedule

Normally, we conduct a sale over three to four days, typically Thursday to Sunday. During this time, our team of trained sales personnel will assist customers and cover all areas of the property.

Post-Sale Commitments

After the sale is complete, we will discuss any final cleanup and distribution of remaining property. Furthermore, you can rely on us to clean sweep the property upon completion as well. Finally, we will present you with a check for your net proceeds within 10 days of end of sale.

Pricing & Fees

Normal commission is 30% of total sales with a $300 setup fee. This figure is subject to negotiation based on the size of the sale and/or extent of cleanup.

Contact us today to work with the team whose primary goal is achieving the most profitable sale possible for your estate.